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David LaRochelle
I'm a former elementary school teacher who loves sharing my picture books with children. I have given "visiting author/illustrator residencies" at hundreds of schools throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

Residencies can last from one day to over a week. During a typical one-hour presentation I talk about the various stages in writing a book, from rough draft to finished manuscript, stressing the importance of revising. I also include some storytelling as well as on-the-spot drawing. If desired, I can work with individual classrooms where I get the students started on a creative writing/illustrating project of their own.

I have presented to groups of 200 and larger, but I prefer presenting to smaller groups of 100 or less, which better facilitates interaction with the students. I am able to perform a maximum of five presentations per day; each presentation can be up to an hour in length.

Please for my speaking rates, availability, and any other questions you have. I'd love to visit your school!

Comments from past visits:
“David LaRochelle's author visit could not have been better. From the extra care he took to send his introductory letter to teachers and the delightful bookmark he created for our students, to the amazing way he had students from kindergarten to fifth grade enthralled, he was simply outstanding! Many teachers made a point to tell me his words were just perfect for their students. His books are constantly checked out—a true measure of his success!”
“I have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding David LaRochelle's visit. Teachers at every grade level commented on what an excellent job he did and how good he was with the students. Many teachers have said that they would like to see him at our school on a regular rotation. Thanks again, David, for the awesome presentations.”
“David LaRochelle's visit to our school was magical! His books provided a rich vehicle for library lessons in preparation for his visit. Meeting the creator of those books was a dream come true for our primary students. His stories and drawings captivated and delighted students and staff alike. His gentle affirmation of student answers set the tone for a presentation that both encouraged and honored creativity, all the while respectfully acknowledging the hard work that it takes to persevere through many revisions. Students took his advice to heart: many parents reported that David was the talk of their dinner tables that evening, and teachers were impressed with how many students followed through by writing and illustrating their own books. David made us believe that we all can be authors and illustrators!”
“The teachers couldn’t say enough wonderful things about David! As one teacher put it, ‘He even had the kindergarteners!’ When David was teaching, the students in grades K through sixth were mesmerized.
“Listening to David LaRochelle, I felt like one of the students. He captured the attention of all of us as he turned foolishness into fantasy. He made us laugh, listen, and learn as he entertained us with pictures and words. What a gift he was to all of us. When my fifth graders returned to class, we spent time writing in our Writer’s Workshop journal using inspiration gained from our time with Mr. LaRochelle. The students asked, ‘May we draw, too, and use the whole page like David said?’ I knew then that he had made a wonderful impact on all of us!”
“David LaRochelle captures the attention of his audience with his ‘down to earth,’ calm, gentle nature. His respectful affirmation of student ideas provides an environment that encourages students to think, imagine, and create.
“Simply put, David was the best Author Visit we have hosted. He mesmerized both students and staff with his presentation style, and we were all taken by his genuine warmth and the attention he gave to students.”
“David carefully explains all aspects of writing a story and getting it published, yet is careful to explain the struggles he himself has encountered as a writer. Parents and students comment year after year about what a memorable and inspirational experience it was to have him work with our students.”
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